The Poet Kitchen Co. is born out of the Toronto-based restaurant The Poet Cafe. Founded by two friends and fellow food enthusiasts, Amir and Mohsen, the restaurant flourished into one of the city’s most popular brunch destinations in the downtown area.


The Poet Cafe soon fostered a dedicated following, and it was this very community that inspired the restaurateurs to create a business that was entirely unique. However, in their culinary journey it soon became clear that there was a want in the market for healthy, environmentally-friendly, delicious food that is both additive-free and high-quality – so The Poet Kitchen Co. was brought to life. We offer tastefully composed creations to transport to a world of artistry and poetic self-expression where elegant flavour, vibrant colour, and bold texture come together in eloquent prose. Our restaurant-quality foods are masterfully refined for an enchanting culinary experience.